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..............The purpose of the Kids Comp Corner is to introduce into the mainstream educational system whether public or private a fun and rewarding way for Students, Teachers, Parents and Administrators to explore and build upon their creative notions concerning science, physics, biology, ecology and any, or all other related future scientific notions that can be adapted into to our existing environments all across the Nation.

..............The Kids Comp Corner is the mentor program to the Provincial Trust Account called
Public District Enhancement 1 as this  allows creativity to surface by inviting communities to participate equally in the opportunity of planning for their future needs under the umbrella of a healthy, safe and productive competitive environment. So therefore, that is why this program is called Kids Comp Corner with "comp" meaning "competition" for short.

..............Through public awareness and support the Kids Comp Corner can be a vessel that paves a way for the educational system to extended itself through District Learning Facilities in the near future. It is here where the Kids Comp Corner comes into play, because under this program communities have the opportunity to explore, experiment and plan for what type of learning environments best suits the needs from Kindergarten to higher learning grades, and including Colleges and Universities.

..............The Kids Comp Corner is meant to instill provincial excitement in the event of that actual day when a well thought out plan and blue print has been elected to begin the process of building extended learning facilities that benefit the whole community emotionally and economically. Food dehydrating plants that offer educational and economical incentives combined with a futuristic view on life by taking into account all energy concerns that face our planet, while exploring scientific solutions to combat everyday concerns such as rising inflation, landfill concerns and/or food shortages are all key components to expand on when school districts take on the challenge of the KIDS COMP CORNER.

..............Individual schools can participate directly within the school environment too, and as more people become involved with the excitement connected to this community mentor program more funds will be generated in order to accumulate the revenues to meet building costs and other related products, in order to see the day when the Public District Enhancement 1 Provincial Trust Account plays an active role in the re-building and restoring of all school districts.

..............With time the Kids Comp Corner will manifest itself into an interactive web-site that promotes community activism in a different kind of way, by allowing people of all ages the opportunity to learn about future Learning Facilities being built around solid scientific concepts that use alternative energies that will match the needs of all generation of children to come. The hope behind this program is centered around bettering our immediate environments, as well as introducing revenue generating incomes so that participating students have the tools to follow through on their educational futuristic ideas.

..............How this program will be introduced into the mainstream educational system will depend on the length of time it will take to secure Provincial or State Trust Accounts. However, once a network has been established, plans can be made as to which would be the best method of integrating any program developed under the Kids Comp Corner into the mainstream ideology of all future goals connected to a Nu-Nations Unity Trust Account.

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