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Here we have an exciting and rewarding opportunity for all people across the Nation to come together to help support their local School Districts in a manner that is affordable and potent in results. The Public District Enhancement schedule is an pro-interactive journey to health and wellness for whole communities by way of direct Memberships contributions and including, Provincial/State and National Toonie Telethons. Through this National and International awareness group benefit plan campaign, individual participation on a public or private platform produces large amounts of surplus funds that will become available, so that community re-construction projects and refurnishing projects of school buildings in the form of implementing energy wise alternatives, cooking facilities or building structures, and/or full extended Learning Centres is established. Hence, a sustainable renewable resource is developed to permanently help meet the future needs of all children and their communities, well past into the year 3000. Job creation will also become abundant in many different fields of employment that promote fair living wage formulas, and benefit packages. In addition too, job training, apprenticeship programs and permanent placement positions will also form under the guidance of this wave of social prosperity, that is self-rejuvenating on a yearly basis due to group sharing. Consequently, a natural economical stabilization process will occur that will help to offset the cost of rising inflation, as more people benefit from this ground zero community support networking.

The commitment of "It takes a Community to raise children" by NU Foundation For Community Partnerships rises to the occasion of community re-birth in the form of structural advancements of school sites, for all Districts who wish to participate within this program called Public District Enhancement. Through active partnerships and a networking support system on a surrounding local, National and International level, a strong wave of opportune pillars will become fundamental building blocks for the future, which will meet the needs of all children that promotes growth on a continuous self-rejuvenating foundation.

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Project projection and outline for District 1

District Enhancement Project 1 (permanent solutions) Plan 1

Products List
    sprinkler system, smoke alarms, grease traps, ranges, fire suppression system, fans (canopy and exhaust), proofer baker, mixers, warmers, work tables, prep tables, dishwasher, sinks, walk in fridges, shelves, racks, dry storage, freezers, table and chairs, display coolers, steam tables, dishware, cookware, silverware, trays, staff washroom, student washrooms, flooring, building construction estimates, Health Department Certificate, insurance, engineering, blueprint, electrical, structural & plumbing, mechanical, and City Planning & Development permit.

District Enhancement Project 2 (add on solutions)
District Enhancement Project 3 (temporary solutions)
District Enhancement Project 4 (extended Learning Facilities)
District Enhancement Project 5 (maintenance and upkeep)


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Alternative Energy Source

G Series Solar Collectors
Grid Tied Solar
Trough Collectors
Transpired Solar Collectors

It is in the best interest both on a local and international platform to address all Public District Enhancement projects as an avenue to better equip school sites with energy efficient apparatuses. If we are to take the time to employ the Public District Enhancement schedule under the license of Nu-Nations Unity™, then it would be wise to design around all future needs with energy efficient solutions, in order to take us into the year 3000.

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