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The Grants For Growth program is a Scholarship, Grant Incentive and/or low interest loan program that can provide an abundance of opportunities for individual self-expression as in becoming a Small Business Owner under the guidance of a support system, or in future goal setting for those persons who would prefer to seek a Post Secondary Education. Clearly the active role of direct Membership contributions towards this Provincial/State Trust Account allows host organizations to Nu-Nations Unity™ the ability to participate directly within surrounding communities on a social-economical level, that will encourage socially acceptable growth.

Consequently, a Grant Incentive can also mean several community service sectors would also qualify for financial support under this schedule, as aiding in the on-going operations of existing programs that deal with community concerns would only serve to benefit local and surrounding residents and service providers in areas where those programs are actually taking place.

NU Foundation

In addition, through the sharing of knowledge and resources for the purpose of advancing technology and securing environmental sustainability, the Grants For Growth Trust Account can also work to alleviate the every day financial pressures that are occurring in a changing society. Whether it's a business or a public initiative, to post secondary or home loan the importance is placed on a way for individuals and communities to participate in group benefits that provide opportunities.

Account Activities
Updated: Mar 17, 2007

Total Membership Contributions / $92.00
Total Cash Donations / $118.02
Total Interest / $0.11
Total Contributions / $210.02
.. Nu-Nations Unity™ Grants / $708.42
.. Over Draft Grant / ($458.42) / Cash Scholarships $400.00
.. Balance In Trust / $60.13
.. ..


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