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.... The Social 2 Security program is a direct avenue and rewarding alternative that opens the door to assist in the area of physical health concerns, on a surrounding community level throughout the Social 2 Security Provincial or State Trust Accounts perimeters. Under this community driven program by direct Membership contributions, reliable options can be developed as an alternative to conventional health services, to help offset the rising demand of health care concerns. Job training and creation in the area of dental or health care will allow for select community base clinics to operate, and function where they will provide services to a number of people who could benefit from this schedule, due to ongoing pressures experienced within the health care system itself, or for lack of financial resources on a personal basis. By establishing and maintaining a renewable resource that can help to substain several Dental or Health Care Clinics, invites whole communities and families to take an active part in ensuring the health and welfare of their neighbours. The importance of this program under the license of Nu-Nations Unity™ offers a unique and creative way for all people to participate, and invest in resources that can be re-distributed back into communities, so that together we can see positive results develop on both a Provincial/State, and National level.

Dental and health care are main fundamental building blocks that promote healthier communities and personal self-esteem. Consequently, by way of group support and co-operation on a Provincial or State level, permanent job placement positions and training centres will become reliable fixtures, within this program called Social 2 Security. In addition too, National awareness to this program will help to secure and create a variety of daily health alternatives, that will meet the needs of individuals and communities on a personal platform.

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