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The Youth Safe House Provincial Trust Account provides an essential service and safety net for children, youth and other persons at risk to experience homelessness and/or street life due to on-going conflicts that are out of control. Social housing or alternative living accommodations in relation to neighborhood housing programs would qualify as a Nu-Nations Unity™ Youth Safe House initiative, as building upon a prosperous future for all persons regardless of colour, religion, age or gender requires opening up creative educational opportunities that can assist in the basic needs of daily living.

In addition, nurturing our Nations youth in environments that are supervised to provide viable health and life choice alternatives to street life and/or poverty well before they fall into the traps of destitution, begins to break down the first stages of community economical privation that many of our youth face yearly. Consequently, NU Foundation For Community Partnerships under the philosophy of "It takes a community to raise children" has made the commitment to do all we can in order to prevent future tides of despair that relate directly to homelessness among generations of persons, to where the day will come that no one is left behind in a time of oncoming prosperity.

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Updated: Mar 30, 2007

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