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Section B : Additional Information Of Relevance

Under section B. of this proposal, information provided allows the reader to correlate the essential services provided by Government as a fixed asset, while the downsizing of services could and can pose a future possible risk towards ensuring that reliable food source alternatives in the form of a lunch program, snack or breakfast program on school sites is being met.

Currently, all existing school meal programs for those schools that do provide a lunch or breakfast program struggle to maintain their status quo, while community support is limited and/or non-existent in many cases due to lack of reliable funding options and/or donations. Consequently, if regular funding to school Districts fluctuate, so does the predictability in implementing a permanent solution towards addressing the total food needs of the students and staff of a school and therefore, an added financial method of subsidizing school meal programs and/or restoring on-site cooking facilities, or providing school restoration is an appropriate manner to helping to alleviate any disturbances that a school District may face in the future upon taking on the task of securing a Universal Lunch Program in their area.

B. Problems facing School Districts across the Province can also be applied across the country, as there is no fixed universal concept when it relates to feeding school age children & youth today as a means to address child hunger and food insecurity concerns within all communities.

.....1. Children and youth having to cope with an inadequate food supply on a monthly basis.
...........a) Food insecurity can result in poor learning and in some cases, behavioral and/or social problems.
...........b) 1 out of 5 children are known to go to school either hungry without a breakfast and/or without a lunch, and considering
.............that this statistic hasnít changed in over 10 years, itís quite possible that 2 in 5 children go to school hungry without
.............having a breakfast, and/or without a lunch.
....2.The downsizing of classrooms, and/or cooking facilities (eg. school kitchens) on school sites, present new issues where
........core subjects in the area of trades, music, art, and/or in the event of a kitchen being downsized that affects a school meal
.........program are all subject to erosion, that ultimately takes away from the public learning experience and environment.
..........a) Learning opportunities become limited due to the downsizing of any or, all core subjects.
..........b) Downsizing of kitchens produce a false impression of food security on school sites, and fails to address the growing
..............importance to secure a Universal Lunch Program across the Province.
....3. Vandalism is a major concern for all School Districts across the Province.
..........a) Surrey School District has had to spend approximately $632,000.00 for one year on graffiti removal, window repairs, and
..............other school maintenance repairs resulting from direct vandalism.

4. Approximately 55% Province wide, or up to 70% of all schools within individual school Districts have inadequate, and/or no sprinkler systems in place in the event of a school fire.
a) Out of approx. 118 schools in Surrey, 65 schools have no sprinkler system on the property based on the above 55% average.
b) In Vancouver, based on the 70% average approximately 72 schools out of the 109 public learning structures do not have any type of sprinkler system, as a safe guard to prevent the spread of fire on their property.
c) The cost of fitting 1 (one) school with a proper sprinkler system is $100,000.00.
d) Based on estimated projections, most School Districts are only capable of adding 1 sprinkler system to 1 school per year, due to lacking of Provincial and Municipal funding.

5. On average schools lacking proper sprinklers systems also fall short on their ability to have structural earthquake readiness, where in this case these particular physical structures demand school restoration and including, proper sprinkler installation for the protection of children in the event of any natural disaster.

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a) Example of the seriousness of this concern is the reminder of an earthquake that happened in 1946 with a 7.3 magnitude in the Courtenay- Comox area where damage to 30 out of 31 schools occurred, with major damage to a roof that collapsed at Courtenay Elementary School which resulted in building materials falling into a grade 8 classroom that held up to 60 students. Fortunately, there was no school on this day.

6. Example of several Schools Districts in general who have had to face funding cut backs since May 2002.
.......a) Total funding short fall for a 3 year period is approximately $300 million Province wide.
.......b) Examples of funding shortfalls: Burnaby $7.5 million short fall; Alberni $2 million short fall; Coquitlam $6.9 million ............short fall; Langley $6.9 million short fall; Vancouver 25.5 million short fall; Nanaimo - Ladysmith $7 million short fall; ............Prince George $9.2 million short fall; New Westminster $2.3 million short fall; North Vancouver $6.7 million short fall; ............Richmond $9.6 million short fall; Sooke $3 million short fall; Saanich $1.5 million short fall;

7. Province wide effect which has resulted from educational funding cutbacks to the public educational system have been numerous, and multi faucet.
.......a) Workers mostly affected by funding short falls are: classroom teachers, ESL teachers, librarians, counselors,
............janitorial positions, crossing guards, special needs assistance teachers, Curriculum experts, grounds keep
............and resource staff, speech pathologists, multicultural and outreach youth workers, trade teachers;
.......b) School programs mostly affected by funding short falls have been in the area of school Districts having to face
............over crowding of classrooms, cuts to supplies, bus routes and career programs, night school programs, gifted
............programs and/or music programs, meal school programs, young adult career programs, trade programs
.......c) Adult unemployment adversely affects youth employment opportunities.

8. Approximate current percentage of funding formula used by Provincial Government to manage provincial expenditures, and including in the area of all public educational needs within the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

a) Approx. 25% of budget goes towards

b) Approx. 41 % of provincial budget goes towards healthcare.

c) Approx. 34% of remaining budget is divided between social assistance, children and family services, and the provincial deficit in the form of paying off the interest, and including transportation infrastructures.

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Section C : Added Solutions Towards Solving Hunger in Communities

Under section C. of this proposal, a variety of added solutions towards addressing local hunger within the community is presented for further consideration, as an off-shoot to begin incorporating a youth movement towards creating a solid anchor in the on-going encouragement of this population group. For communities and youths, the opportunity to participate directly in the making and maintaining of school meal programs, and/or school restoration projects where youth become actively involved as out-line below, further establishes this proposal as a trend setter for years to follow.

In order to have a successful Universal School Meal Program, and/or School Restoration Initiative become the norm within our communities, itís imperative to invite youth and young adults in the making of a robust community as well, on a level that they can relate with in addition too, having them participate directly where rewards become apparent over a short period of time.

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