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Opening Letter / Our Society # S-43881

............The purpose here is to present reliable solutions towards meeting the over all needs of a community, when it relates to addressing food insecurity concerns that affect children, youth, young adults and their families adversely.

............Consequently, due to a growing population combined with the natural aging of our communities, a diverse number of persons and families are faced with having to struggle financially under a changing economy. Whether it is inflation, globalization of world markets, financial wind falls or short falls, or elementary organic occurrences within communities at any given time, the realistic approach towards solving hunger and the scourge it has on our society is to pin point, and act upon introducing consistent fund raising strategies on a community level, as a trend setter to begin reversing the effects that food insecurity has on all of us. By bringing school environments to the center piece in a complex issue, the attention is focused on a communities ability to streamline an effective instrument towards providing youth at risk to experience hunger with reasonable food alternative solutions, where consideration of implementing long term food source alternatives in the form of expanding onto a universal lunch program concept, are being securely introduced as a way to reduce the hunger gap. Secondary to enhancing school environments, it is also important to introduce a convergence between the community and outreach networks in the form of local service providers, who operate under a mandate that provides relief towards meeting basic human needs, under a formula that allows the community as a whole and individuals to work together in solving their immediate necessities, when we think along the lines of solving local hunger and other related concerns that correlates with this National crisis.

............Through the presentation of this proposal, NU Foundation For Community Partnerships is providing a transparent look at some of the problems facing our communities and how these concerns adversely affect children, youth, their families and the community in general. In addition, we are also providing a strong solution towards reversing the trend of communal hunger, and other elements related to this social anxiety that works in hindering a community from future progress and prosperity. Hence, further information is being provided for the fair assessment of the full ramifications of this project proposal in full and therefore, we at NU Foundation For Community Partnerships would like to thank you for taking the time and consideration in this important matter.

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C. Solutions to offsetting the rising cost of school maintenance and/or school restoration in relation to expanding on the concept of a Universal Lunch Program in British Columbia, Canada and elsewhere by involving youth in the total process of community restoration when it applies to them directly.

............ Or, in the event of expanding an already existing school meal program for the benefit of introducing food security solutions directly on to school sites, a long term solution is proposed and has been made to address related areas of concern.

1. Broach towards Municipal District charity fund raising solutions benefits through the development of the role in which responsible adult entertainment has on the immediate community, and including all youth entertainment activities through the promotion of all charity events hosted by NU Foundation For Community Partnerships, under the license of the trademark Nu-Nations Unity™.

a) Develop and implement a structured networking initiative between local school Districts under the title called Nu-Nations Unity™ Union of School Districts and/or individual schools, or Community Services Providers, and those Host Entertainment Vendors who participate within the Nu-Nations Unity™ After Hours Community Celebration for the purpose of encouraging full community restoration, and for the promotion of a Universal Lunch Program.

b) Provide youth an opportunity to develop their own individual alternative solutions to dealing with peer pressure, violence, and community degradation resulting from vandalism, and/or natural erosion of structural property when it relates directly to their daily learning environments; eg. namely schools.

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2. Develop and/or enhance local youth functions in the form of creating registered dance clubs where such clubs operate in partnership with their local Community Policing Liaison teams, and/or Fire Department Halls.

a) Financial assistance will be forwarded to those youth clubs where Program Directors assist in the monitoring of providing safe environments free of drugs and alcohol to all youth, who would like to create their own fund raising alternatives, as a measure to deter local youth violence and crime activity.

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1) Introduce the idea that an onsite friendly pooch program at dance functions works in favor of all youth in the area of, providing extra protection against infiltration of harmful drugs on to the premises.

2) The introduction of the friendly pooch program is a symbolic gesture that allows youth to connect to their environment on an emotional level.

3) The emphasis on the symbolic gesture would be to encourage the respecting of rules, as an open deterrent against bringing drugs on to the premises where youth are congregating.

4) Symbolic gesture could be seen as one preventative measure against the rise of drug abuse among the teen, and young adult population.

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