What comes from this strength?

With this strength, we can work together as a community both locally and globally. It is here were we can begin to build upon programs to guide all our children, and it is here were we can openly invite others to team up with us to promote healthy activities that return something of substance back into our communities, while preserving our environments. Through numbers, we can accumulate great resources that can provide services to "ALL" our children both as a group, as well as towards a single person. And through this dedicated effort to reach all children, we are positioning ourselves to open up a vast number of doors for people of all ages, and from all Ethnic backgrounds, the opportunity to contribute to the success of community wellness and health for all.

Were does this strength begin?

It begins tonight through this "spiritual workshop" in honour of Malcolm X. For all of us here have taken the first step forward towards building up our communities in the effort to provide a better future for our children. It is in the belief that we can make a difference that has brought us here tonight, and through this belief we can only move straight ahead.

How does NU open the door for independence and prosperity to all?

Creativity, that is how. By bringing to the table a new way of allowing creativity to surface, we are ensuring growth and victory. It will be here were everybody gets the chance to be apart of a growing pyramid that will heal our communities from West to East, from country to country. And, regardless of what our Ethnic backgrounds, colour, status, age or gender is, we can develop our creative abilities here within NU, in unison with others like us who share in the belief that it takes a community to raise children. WE, the NU Foundation can be seen as a whole community that openly fosters diversity and uniqueness, and through this fostering of individual styles, we will see results that will bring new meaning to the word 'creativity', which in turn will result towards the positive direction of prosperity for all.

How can the NU Foundation deliver what it promises?

Through team work, and through the design of activities that are geared to promote healthful living which should definitively provide direction towards the future of our planet. In other words, we are not here to take over and blanket the community to smother out those who are struggling to survive in this very competitive time, but rather we are here to provide help by nurturing certain areas that need assistance, so that they can either regain their footing with the results of becoming self-sufficient, and/or to meet the total needs of social progress and well-being, when it relates directly to the philosophy it takes a community to raise children.

And, only team work will bring that about, and of course....Strength in numbers !

It will be through functions such as large fund raisers like raves, and newly introduced activities such as a "National Dance Competition", and through other integrated economical outlets that generate consistent incomes and revenues that will not only provide employment and security for thousands, but it will also furnish a way to support both the community and the individual. Through networking agendas that are potent in results, we guarantee a faster healing process which will equate to sure economical growth and social well-being.

What are the immediate short term goals behind NU after tonight?

This answer falls between 2 areas and both are important, with the registration of NU being finalized along with the "Gifts For Education" web-site opening up. Through registration we become a Society that is recognized, and through the opening of the "Gifts For Education" web-site, we begin to create the first opportunities of providing to our children educational materials that will not only enlighten them to explorer their creative sides, but it will also be a driving force to foster Unity among "ALL" our youth today.

And, by securing these first two steps we can only build, and from that add onto all of the programs which are in development. Consequently, as more people become aware to the foundation which is being built in preparedness for community growth, economical wellness, and of ensuring global security, NU will rise to the occasion of it's mission, and results will come forth with a definite positive outcome.

What are the long term goals behind NU?

Through the development of the "Gifts For Education" web-site, we are establishing a revenue to further support this program, as well as, direct funds towards the "District Enhancement Program" which is a major focal point for the Foundation to build upon with full force within Canada, and within the USA. It is here through the development of the District Enhancement Program that we will see temporary cooking facilities being built to accommodate Canadian School Districts in the effort to provide an Extended Lunch Program into the mainstream public arena. From there, focus will be applied to permanent solutions that will bring about cooking facilities on each and every school site within those School Districts who participate within the program.

In the USA, the District Enhancement Program there, will provide relief towards building maintenance and up keep of schools that suffer from old age, and are needing of repair. Restoration projects and extended learning facilities is the major focal point for NU to build upon through the development of a "Gifts For Education Program" in the United States Of America, just as in Canada.


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