6).Another adopted child waits for OK in Ethiopia.

The number of children waiting to be adopted here within our own boundaries and over seas is a sorrowful reality that should be a wake up call to each and everyone of us. Millions of children world wide are parentless, and still we do very little in terms of a "whole society" to curb this dark side that seems to be affixed to human nature.

This really only amounts out to greed and our own personal needs to satisfy ourselves before we try to correct this problem by building stronger communities locally and world wide. Through our own selfishness, we neglect social programs that can make a world of difference to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of parents and children, which would equate to success within the family unit. For some strange reason we put more emphasis on the collection of ornaments, fine jewelry, etc. and on our pets, than we do with towards human grief.

If a child from Ethiopia who has already suffered great pain due to polio infection which leaves the child crippled, or perhaps is blinded because of land mine explosions, and still finds him or herself fortunate enough to find a loving home through adoption, then we as a society must do everything in our power to encourage this adoption to take place. Yet, we do not and instead find excuses as to why we shouldn't or cannot do it; and therefore, hide the true reality of what it is we are capable or not capable of doing. We sweep the problem under the rug, and hope for it to go away, but we all know it won't. So, if that is the case, then why not make a conscious effort to help fix it instead of deny it?

Thus, if we begin through effort to end this cycle of neglect and abuse to our children who are parentless, and this includes all children from all countries for every country is guilty of neglecting it's children, then we will be "more socially in tune" with human compassion. Just because we cannot see the pain, doesn't mean it doesn't exist, and it doesn't mean that we are not obligated morally and humanly possible to ease the suffering of "ALL" of our children, because we to the contrary; "ARE MORALLY OBLIGATED" to find ways to help adoption issues whether locally or internationally with positive results for both parents and children. I vote yes.

7).Substance abuse and techniques, especially relating to tabacco use.

Here we have a social issue (the right to use tabacco) that, at one time was encourage to be regarded as a social status, but now has turned into a battling ground for great debates and human rights activist. Almost everyone will agree that tabacco addiction is like heroin, but yet we have no clinics, support groups, or centers that deal with this social problem that kills hundreds of thousands of people a year world wide.

It was duely noted through the mention of Nations Of Islam, were Malcolm X and other Ministers developed a 6 point program that was designed around the re-hab of drug addiction. This program was proved to be successful in it's treatment of drug abuse and addiction; and in reference to their success, we at NU should follow something similar to help deal with the addiction of tabacco use for individuals who would want to participate in such a program. I vote yes.

8). The first set of musical instruments consider for the Gifts For Education Program.

The best possible way to introduce to our children the opportunity to experiment with music is to provide them with a variety of instruments. Considering this and the fact that we live in a diverse society, large shipments of pre-selected instruments from countries such Indonesia and from other countries, would be a good root to follow. We could then furnish our schools one at a time with items such as Mahogany drums, Rababa drums, along with a large variety of tuned percussion instruments, which then can be applied into the mainstream music curriculum. This is were the "National Dance Competition" was born, for through innovated strategy and trained people from all walks of life, we can teach our children to make any musical instrument sing in unison to dance themes and style. A suggested place of competitions taking place could begin at the Plaza Of Nations in Vancouver B.C. Canada. By introducing an array of musical instruments from different countries that provide whole classes the opportunity to develop their creative ability, to a level were healthy competition can result in functions that benefit the community, then we will see hope among our children that has never been seen before. Job creation will certainly become available as we secure ourselves in this program that can be divided into age appropriate groups, and all ethnic groups can participate equally and fairly without doubt. I vote yes.

Some information was taken from various newspaper articles, dated between Nov 2000 to May 2001.


Proposed function for next meeting was suggested by Youth Staff. Suggestion was "Youth Dance" after the our next meeting. I vote yes !

The focus will be the "US Student Exchange, Grants For Growth & Public District Enhancement", beginning with our first Entrepreneur Program.


Written By: MamaGee

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