NU Foundation For Community Partnerships
(Foundations Registration Number # S-43881)

NU Foundation For Community Partnerships
is having a DANCE on Nov/22/02

Which is also known as the...NU™ Town Hall Dance
For: District Enhancement & Grants For Growth
(Tickets $5 Member $7 Non-Member)
6pm to 12 pm Visit our Test Web-Site; NU Town Hall Dance



Our Philosophy

"It Takes A Community To Raise Children"

The NU Foundation For Community Partnerships is a Non-Profit Society that was Founded on Nov. 13. 2001 as means to address the needs of our surrounding communities on a local, Provincial & National level in a variety of areas where social issues are a concern to all of us. Over the course of this last year we have successfully opened 10 Provincial Trust Accounts which are being held between the bank of Van City, Delta, BC and HSBS, Surrey, BC.

These Provincial Trust Accounts are:

1. Adoption Aid & Benefit 2. Youth Safe House 3. Grants For Growth 4. Children At Risk In Memory Of Precious Doe 5. Social 2 Security 6. Public District Enhancement 7. Out Reach To Africa 8. Gifts For Education 9. Malcolm X Resource & Learning Centre, and 10. US Student Exchange

Currently we have 6 Corporate Business Members, 17 Registered Adults Members, 14 Registered Youth Members, and 35 Non-voting Memberships, and our number are growing!

Check this....Under the license of Nu-Nations Unity™ the Foundation is in the process of creating our first ever in Canada a Malcolm X Learning & Resource Centre for the purpose of creating diversity, and community wellness by way of promoting community activism & global outreach, in our efforts to eradicate world hunger and poverty. Over the course of the next years ahead, we will be doing several Fund Raisers in partnership with Nu-Nations Unity™ in order to bring about permanent cooking facilities onto all school sites across British Columbia, with the intent of creating a Universal Lunch Program, as means to create stable employment opportunities, healthier life style choices in the foods that we eat, and safer environmental alternatives as a way to cut down on green house gases and land fill concerns.

On Nov 22. 2002 we will be having our second Youth Fund Raiser in New Westminster between 6 pm to 12 pm as a means to help generate funds for 2 Provincial Trust Accounts, and as a introduction to the formation of the Malcolm X Learning Centre. These Trust Accounts are the Public District Enhancement & Grants For Growth program which will both work in unison with our School Districts as more funds are accumulated.

A brief description of these 2 Provincial Trust Accounts are:

The Public District Enhancement program is being designed to assist participating School Districts in the area of either building cooking facilities directly onto school sites, or restoring cooking facilities, and/or maintaining cooking facilities on school sites that already have them. In addition, extended Learning Facilities and school restoration projects is also a long term focal point to keep in mind, as a reliable way to remove portables in exchange for sound structures that are connected to main school sites, and/or restoration projects in general. As more funds are accumulated whether by way of smaller Fund Raisers, donations, Membership dues, or by way of larger Fund Raisers such as Toonie Telethons, and/or in larger NU™ Town Hall Dances we will see potent results that will bring about a stable Universal Lunch Program all across British Columbia, and across Canada.

The Grants For Growth Provincial Trust Account is a Scholarship & Small Business & Entrepreneurial program which is being designed for the purpose of assisting our Nations youth, and local families in the areas of creating Small Business Enterprises and/or as an added avenue to receive a Post Secondary Scholarship. It is our intentions at NU™ to stimulate the economy by way of job creation in the form of assisting in the area of sponsoring Small Businesses, creating work experience and providing Scholarships to those individuals who would like to pursue a Post Secondary Education. Consequently, as more funds accumulate under this Provincial Trust Account it won't be long before we begin to see the positive results of our Fund Raising efforts within the year of 2003.

BIG Shout Outs!! & Power To the "YOUTH"


Da Hide Out!!


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