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Section D : Information Relating To The Need To Address Substance Abuse

Under section D. of this proposal, information regarding substance abuse and the toll it has on persons susceptible to becoming addicted to drugs and/or alcohol at an early age, provides insight towards the need for a community to seriously consider integrating short and long term solutions towards reaching youth at risk for facing regular hunger concerns, and/or homelessness at an early age due to varying circumstances in the daily dynamics of a young persons life. Through awareness of the perils of drug addictions faced by vulnerable youth and this peer group, the community at large has the first tool in combating the further spread of community hunger and degradation by introducing alternative solutions in the form of community safe housing projects designed to address the immediate needs and future growth of persons caught up in a negative cycle of on-going drug addiction, possible sexual exploitation, crime activity and other poverty related concerns when it relates directly to youth and food insecurity issues faced by them on a regular basis. For every problem faced by a youth and this peer group there is a community solution that can work in favor of reversing the damaging effects that on-going hunger, drug addiction, sexual abuse and/or lack of general regard to solving this National problem where vulnerable youth are left to defend for themselves. Through awareness, community activism and through integrating Youth Safe Houses in combination with other food source alternatives on a direct community level, the future prospect of alleviating all food insecurity concerns within our communities can be solved much quicker and effectively, than if we were to remain to continue to ignore the plight of our future generation and the trials and tribulations that many of them face today.

D. Bring attention to the issue of National drug and/or alcohol abuse and misconduct within the teen population and to the dangers connected to any drug addiction. In addition, bring awareness to the problems facing youth at risk from disconnecting further from their community in the form of becoming a child prostitute due to the lack of adequate support services provided within any given community, that relates directly towards preventing the exploitation of vulnerable youth and children, as a means to address drug and alcohol abuse within the teen and young adult population and the multiple dangers connected to such behavior openly and effectively.

......1. In relation to drug abuse and to the prevention of teen addictions, financial assistance geared towards these types of programs
..........have been limited and namely punitive based and therefore, could benefit from receiving added revenues to help assist youth in
..........the areas of preventative measure services against drug abuse or addiction.

.........a) Develop strategies to deter the growing problem of local community drug infestation whether the drug concern is centralized
..............within a local school area, or at local teen hang out (eg. pool hall, alley ways).

..............A motto used by a Youth Worker is centered squarely on prevention before the addiction, in correlation to preventing the fire
..............before having to put it out,

.........b) Develop and strategize new techniques in areas where approaching youth to deal with the issues of drug addiction becomes
..............a familiar and trusted alternative for them to address this problem.

.........c) Encourage and build upon the concept of trust based programs verses punitive based programs as a means to offer youth a
..............reliable solution to reconnecting back to their community under a support system that operates around positive mentorship
..............and is centered around developing trust between Youth Workers and high risk youth.

.........d) Integrate, and/or expand on the above suggested youth programs within those Districts who participate in the Nu-Nations
..............Unity™ After Hours Community Celebration
, for the purpose of securing fundamental trust issues between youth at high
..............risk and positive youth mentors.

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2. General information relating to methamphetamine use in British Columbia, and combined strategies that deal with educating the public of this dangerous substance, identifying high risk populations in harms way, and suggested solutions to deter this growing trend that adversely affects thousands of youth and adults across the Province.

A joint effort under the BC’s Methamphetamine Strategy initiative in collaboration with BC Government Ministries, District Municipalities, Health Authorities, Educational Institutes and Community Organizations is under way of becoming a vital resource in the prevention and in the elimination of dangerous drug abuse or addiction that all communities face.

a) Numbers of related deaths to methamphetamine use has increased by doubling each year since the year 2000, while total ratio death rate compared to other illicit drug overdose is decreasing.

1) People most at risk to methamphetamine abuse are street youth, youth involved in the rave scene and gay men, but this is not to say that elementary or high school students are not at risk to potential abuse being that this drug is everywhere and only a phone call away.

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2) Street youth experience a rate at 71% to becoming addicted to a lifetime prevalence of crystal meth abuse, compared to 19% of persons surveyed in a Lower Mainland non-school setting. In total, 4% to 5% of the general youth population suffer from methamphetamine abuse and/or addiction.

3) It has been noted that children as young as 11 to 13 years old are either experimenting and/or becoming addiction to crystal meth in combination with other drugs, although 14 to 29 year olds are subject to being most at risk.
4) The drug ecstasy seized in drug raids at raves show 65% of drugs tested were laced with Methamphetamine.

b) Methamphetamine, whether called crystal meth, speed, crank, ice or jib is easily and most often made in homes, where ingredients used to produce the by-product of the drug vary in raw household materials and over the counter medications that pose huge potential health hazards and concerns to individuals and to communities.

1) The use of crystal meth is also combined with other substances such as crack, heroin, alcohol and/or cocaine, causing higher risk to injury or death related to overdoses.

2) Drug dealers take advantage of the fact that by combining speed with cocaine or crack their profit margin increases, while reducing their production costs. More profit means more drugs.

c) The use of crystal meth increases stimulation of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine receptors in the brain, making short and/or long term use very dangerous that results in permanent damage to the physical body and human mind. Males are at higher risk to addiction than females, while persons from urban areas are more vulnerable to becoming addicted to speed than those persons from the north.

1) Intoxication can last from anywhere between 2 to 16 hours and side effects can include irritability, nervousness, insomnia, loss of appetite, heart palpitations, hot flashes, and in extreme cases mental confusion, severe anxiety, paranoia, violence and psychosis and/or death due to cardiovascular system collapse or stroke.

2) Long-term effects of methamphetamine use have been linked to structural changes to the brain, memory loss, difficulty in completing complex tasks and permanent psychotic symptoms.

3) The over all financial cost connected to this problematic substance abuse rangers in the billions of dollars as healthcare professional and communities continue to battle to reduce the damaging effects that individuals and families face.

d) The British Columbia Provincial Government is working towards a 5 Point Priority For Action Program as means to introduce and build upon existing strategies that prevent the spread of methamphetamine use within communities across the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

1) The 5 Point Priority For Action Program applies itself to: 1. Offering information to the general public; 2. Work on building safer communities; 3. Concentrate efforts on high-risk populations; 4. Educate service providers; and 5. Introduce harm reduction strategies to individuals.

2) It has been noted that the problems of methamphetamine use is still not considered wide spread enough to be deemed to be an extremely serious problem. However, 1 (one) youth is always too many to have die or become permanently brain damaged because of lack of acknowledgement of this on going problem, that affects all communities across the Province.

Point of reference: Crystal Meth & Other Amphetamines: An Integrated BC Strategy: British Columbia Health Services
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3. More general information relating to specific problems communities must acknowledge and act upon in accordance when implementing reasonable solutions in an effort to reverse the growing problem of food hunger concerns in our communities, in addition to all other related areas that can and do create further food insecure environments for those vulnerable persons who are subject to exploitation for various reasons.

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