Oct 7, 1996
Revised May 8, 2002
Second Revision July 17, 2003


Minister Louis Farrakhan
Reverend Al Sharpton
Reverend Jesse Jackson
Mr. Kweisi Mfume
Mr. Brian Bailey
Mr. Sonny Carson
Mr. William Tatum
Mr. Jonnie Cochran



This petition is to bring attention to creating a Anti-Gun & Anti-Violence Campaign on a National (International) level, in order to promote the concept that moving towards and bringing further awareness to developing healthier communities by way of promoting education and it's various avenues, is in the best interest of all people regardless of colour, creed, age, religion, or gender.

1. To establish viable youth community driven projects Nationally that enhance local communities in areas of building restoration projects, and personal artistic venues that can be recycled to produce on-going entertainment for those youth who are at high risk of disconnecting from their social environments.

2. Introducing the idea that community activism is the norm within society, and that group benefits compliment communities Nationally, while all Anti-Violence Campaigns should be seen as a building tool towards International prosperity that reaches far beyond the boundaries of any boarder.

In addition too:

A. Working towards ensuring that the full range of emotional, and spiritual needs of all children residing within the framework of any foster care and/or adoption system, are met in a timely manner by adding onto the concept of recognizing and catering to each child's ethnic heritage in such a manner, that homes of appropriate matching are secured and maintained to be in the best interest of children, and society.

A1. Understanding and promoting Nationally, that heterosexuality should be the base foundation on which to build communities, and that it would be in the best interest of all children in need of adoption, and/or foster care to be placed in such homes that practice this global fundamental right, as an added measure to encourage the further growth of the original family unit. However, keeping in mind that blended families are also to be respected and nurtured within our society as a complete whole, in order to compliment a diverse community.

A2. To develop and maintain structured networking strategies that allow for community support workers and Adoption Agencies to move quickly, and effectively in the prevention of all on-going adoption crisis in the form of establishing parent support groups, and outreach programs that give direction towards community re-unification for the purpose of fostering healthy ethnic & multiculturalism within all racial groups Nationally.

In conclusion, this petition is a request to see a National Awareness Campaign brought to the attention of the general public for the purpose of creating safer environments both locally and Nationally (Internationally), so that community issues such as gun violence and violence against persons, and the misplacement of vulnerable children at risk to being disconnected from their original family and ethnic heritage, is rectified to where community solace is found in the knowledge that community activism & participation is guaranteed to work, on behalf of the best interest of all people in all communities across the continent.

Nu-Nations Unity(TM) Community Celebration


July 19, 2003


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